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Beautiful Flashcards

easy to create, easy to study

Creation: the Key to Learning

At FlashFacts, we believe the most valuable learning experience comes from creating your own flashcards. We've crafted the best possible flashcard editing experience, complete with awesome features like rich text, images, sounds, mathematical expressions, and a variety of layouts to choose from.

Learning can be complicated

So we've made studying simple

If you know a card, it will only be shown once. If you don't know a card, it gets reshuffled into the deck. It's that simple. FlashFacts will track your progress and give you reports for each deck.

You can study front-to-back, back-to-front, only marked or unmarked cards, choose your own custom order, or enter presentation mode and click through like a slideshow.

All your facts, on all your devices

With iCloud, it's easy to keep your decks synchronized across all your devices. When you add or modify a deck on one device, it automatically updates on all your other devices with FlashFacts installed. So you can create a deck on your Mac, then study it on your iPhone.

Share with anyone, anywhere

FlashFacts Online lets you share up to 500 text flashcards with anyone online – take it for a spin.